CMS Web Technology Offers Many Advantages

1. You Drive It

You have total control. The new web technology makes it easy to update your content from anywhere at anytime.  With any flavor of browser you can access all of your site’s contents with a simple login and password and proceed to a visual editor.  From there you can update any page, add new images, videos or audio, change the look and feel, and add new functionality. 
If you don’t want to drive, that’s ok, because we are happy to be your chauffeur but you are still in charge.

2. Incredible Add-On Functionality

There are over 17 thousand high quality add-on programs that can make your site more powerful.  Many are free.  These additions include shopping carts, event managers, membership managers, accounting, image pop-ups, email marketing sign ups, Google tracking, Twitter feeds, and many more.  The add-on functionality can be downloaded and installed directly from your site’s administration page.

3. It’s a Shape-Shifter

It takes one click to change your entire site’s look and feel.  You are not locked into massive reprogramming expense to have a facelift.  Backgrounds, buttons, colors, layout, all can be changed with a click of a button.  Again a wide variety of themes are available, some are free and some are sold for a small fee.  Alternately, your own look and feel can be developed from scratch just for your needs.

4. Pure Portability

Your website is dynamically populated by a powerful database.  Since database is easily backed up, the backup can be sent directly to your email, you will always have a fresh copy of all the site’s contents. With that file you can recreate the site anywhere on nearly any host.  You are always in control.

5. It’s Search Engine Friendly

This is very important.  The software has been designed to make it very easy for search engines to search your site.  There are even some add-ons that put much of the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) right on the same page where you edit the page so most of the expensive SEO work is done.

6. It works with mobile devices

Mobile devices are becoming the way more people access the web.  By simply activating a module your site will be available to mobile devices.  No expensive reprogramming is needed.

7. It has an Open Architecture

Open source architecture means no company owns or controls the software that is used to build and run your site.  There is no company to go out of business or  increase your update costs and the system can be hosted at nearly any host.  
Thousands of developers from all over the world contribute to the perfection of the software.  They even have an world annual convention to talk about what needs to be in the next release.

8. Automatic Updates

Because of the open architecture, there are many people running, testing and updating the software. Frequent updates of the software adds new features and keeps your site secure.  Many of the updates can be updated automatically without any interruption of your site’s service.

9. Reduces Cost

Because of the underlying architecture of the system, it takes much less time to build a site.  You benefit because less time mean a lower cost to you.