A training video using 2D cartoon animation with live action – Flash Free

The animation below uses HTML5 video and will run on mobile devices.  The system will fall back to Flash only if the browser does not support HTML5.  To see what player is being used by your browser, simply right click in the video portion of the screen.  If you see the words “Flash” it is using Flash the Flash player code.


Why use HTML5 video?  Several reasons; 1) Flash player causes frequently breaks on some browsers, 2) it is a proprietary and old format, 3) many vendors are moving away from Flash, 4) HTML5 is the new web standard, 5) Flash does not run on some mobile devices.

This player is another way to serve video with a Flash fallback.

[flowplayer src=http://www.dvpro.com/video/mb/mb78b.mp4  splash=http://www.dvpro.com/video/mb/open.jpg]