There are over 14 thousand high quality add-on programs that can make your site more powerful.  Many are free.  These additions include shopping carts, event managers, membership managers, accounting, image pop-ups, email marketing sign ups, Google tracking, Twitter feeds, and many more.  The add-on functionality can be downloaded and installed directly from your site’s administration page.



Here are just a few examples.

Event Management

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Here is an example of an event system that allows the user to see and register for upcoming events.  The user can also pay for any charges with the integrated payment processing system.  This one uses Paypal or





SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

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The ability have all the important SEO configurations on the same page makes it very easy to remember to add SEO to the page.  All without any programming!






Membership Management

Membership configuration screen

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Managing your members can be a chore unless you have a sophisticated system like this.  This module will provide multiple levels of membership and control access to any part of your website.  Additionally it supports recurring membership payments so you don’t have worry about who paid and who didn’t.