E-commerce Secure (HTTPS) Cart package – $295 (includes $85 annual software subscription)

Cart packages add the ability to sell products and services online. The big differentiator in carts is the checkout experience. It is either seamless—meaning all processing appears to take place on your site—or it redirects the user to a checkout page off your site. Paypal Standard is an example of an offsite transaction service where the customer leaves your site and lands on the PayPal site to complete their transaction. This is the most economical option if you have very few transactions.

To provide a more desirable, seamless experience for your customers, your site needs to be secure (see next section). You will need to set up a merchant account and a transaction gateway, such as Paypal Pro or Authorize.net (if you currently accept credit card payments, these components may already be in place).

A secure site is also essential because most credit card companies require it and will fine you if security is not enforced. However, if you don’t care that the user is taken out of your site to another site (Paypal Standard), then you don’t need a secure site.  The best time to add secure capabilities is when the site is set up.

  • Install and setup cart module
  • Add up to 10 products to cart
  • Add product buy buttons to pages
  • Dedicated IP address
  • SSL Certificate – request and install the basic certificate.  If you wish to have additional security on your site, we can install upgraded certificates for an extra charge.
  • Install and configure SSL models for secure and non secure pages


Seamless online transactions require a dedicated IP and a SSL certification.

This option is not required for Paypal Standard E-commerce sites.

Must be ordered at the time of installation. If this feature is requested after the site is set up and content has been added, then a complete reinstall is required.