Anyone will build a static website for you.  So what’s the problem?

7 Reasons why traditional website development is not so good for you – but good for the web developer.


1. It’s static code which means that any time you want a change you have to go back to the web developer and have them change the code.

2. Unless you are a PHP or HTML programmer you won’t be allowed to make any changes to your content

3. Every change costs you time and money

4. If you want to change the look and feel of the entire site, you will have to pay for a complete rewrite because your content is rolled up in the static code.

5. Because of the way many web people program, the search engines have a hard time searching the site.  As a result your site may not be seen by the people who need to find it.

6. If you want to add any additional functionality such as a calendar, it all has to be programmed.

7. If you have a problem with your web developer, you have no recourse but to find someone else to build you a new site – from scratch.